Labeling Children


And if you haven't seen it, check the new Please Don't Label Me campaign.

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Comment by S S Tragus on December 14, 2009 at 2:55pm
Substitute any religion in place of 'Muslim' there. In these times, when so much prejudice against Arabs exists, I wish cartoonists would make their point more generically. The point here could be made just as well with 'Jewish' or 'Christian' in the caption. In the particular context of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, it would again be just as valid to have the whole cartoon depicting a zealous Jewish father with his son. Or nationality could be substituted, with 'American' put in place of the religious designation. I'm all for critiques, but when there is such an imbalance of power, and when so much of the world, especially the West, already sees the conflicts in the Middle East in a very biased and one-sided manner, we need to be careful that our critiques don't serve to support existing biases.


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