The pundits have declared the imaginary "War on Christmas" of 2013 has begun.

There IS a War on Christmas!

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Comment by James Cox on November 11, 2013 at 10:27am

You throw a fatted calf in there and I am game!

Comment by Unseen on November 11, 2013 at 10:35am

It brings the family together. None of my family are rabid Christians and they're quite aware of my atheism. I suspect my younger brother is atheist as well and I know my sister's husband is, yet we all enjoy the excuse to get together and exchange gifts. 

Comment by James Cox on November 11, 2013 at 10:36am

I guess if Xmas was in the spring, I would have less complaint.

Maybe as Global Warming kicks in, our winters will be nicer or wetter, issolating vast human populations onto smaller islands of discontent, and where we reminisce about canned cranberries.......

Comment by Warren on November 11, 2013 at 6:26pm

Like to set this up on my front lawn (such as it is).

Comment by Darl on November 26, 2013 at 10:57am

Things really changed for me when I found out that Jesus' birthday wasn't really in December.


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