HP Lovecraft - If religion were true

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Comment by Davis Goodman on June 9, 2014 at 6:03pm

@Reg. Indeed. Blasphemy laws ... more and more are becoming an issue in which I am debating whether to join an advocacy group or not. I save this work for what I consider to be the worst of the worst (what I do advocate against is child soldiery and female genital mutilation). Is anyone here an active advocate against religious grief and terrorism?

Comment by Gallup's Mirror on June 9, 2014 at 11:49pm

Reg: If any religion offered us the Truth, as they all claim it does, then there would be no need for blasphemy laws to be enacted as a divine Truth would speak for itself"

Bob: Really @Reg? How many science deniers do we see out there?

We see lots of science deniers, Bob. That's because people are free to deny science and no field of science calls for the imprisonment or execution of those who do.

Science must withstand debate-- no matter how unjust-- based on the merit of reason and evidence. Religion is too weak to withstand debate because it lacks the merit of reason and evidence. So the would-be debater must be silenced, no matter how unjustly.

Look at the track record that science has on; ozone layer depletionsmoking and cancer, evolutionary biology, and global climate change. Acceptance of science has historically trended upward, while denial of science has historically trended downward (particularly with young people) over the long term. Science permits "blasphemy" and still wins eventually.

In contrast, 99% of Iranians are "religious" because the government prohibits irreligion, atheism, agnosticism and Islamic apostasy under penalty of death. Acceptance of Islam and the three other "approved" religions in Iran are unlikely to trend downward, because there are non-believers in Iran but extremely few reveal their "blasphemy".


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