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Comment by Belle Rose on January 27, 2016 at 2:14am
Sadly, my 17 year old niece who is already a mother of one is pregnant again. In essence her 34 year old mother has told her "not to have an abortion" and to keep the baby. Her boyfriend of 3 years and her first baby's daddy wants her to have an abortion.

It is sad. She will likely end up doing what her mother wants so that grandma can have her second little babydoll. I am so sickened by the attitude towards women and teenage pregnancy in NM. We may as well be part of the middle east. Women dont have a vote or a say just because it is written in the laws if societal pressure makes us do and act as if we dont have a choice.
Comment by Unseen on January 27, 2016 at 9:28pm

I find this whole topic depressing. 

For 6 months I lived on Lake Tahoe among the year round LT residents most of whom are relatively poor Hispanics working in the casino and/or hotel industries. I rode the bus system, sharing the bus often with the children of Hispanic hotel workers.

I found it depressing that it almost seemed like every young Hispanic girl felt it her obligation to have at least one baby by the age of 16, if not two. 


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