Google: How to Kill God

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An upcoming documentary film by Dan Ashton Lloyd.

"Are faith and freedom of information compatible? Is everything we associate with religion and technology at ends with one another? Why Google Killed God attempts to prove a correlation between the growth of the Internet and the decline of religion, and considers the possible consequences of these rapid changes across the world.

"For over 90% of human history little has changed for our species. Throughout time, few prominent features have remained in human society. One of the strongest is belief in deities. Since man has grasped language there have been stories of beings that controlled our world with supernatural powers. As time passed the concept of these beings evolved, old gods were thrown out for newer, more powerful gods until the arms race of idols reached the point of a singular god per religion. This where we are today. This concept of a God has managed to captivate billions of people under the banner of only a handful of religions.

"If asked, most today would find the concept of a world without religion or belief in God to be unthinkable. Yet this irreligious, Godless world could be on the horizon today. In certain countries around the world secular communities have been growing rapidly. Why is this happening? Is this a permanent movement?

"There are many factors that contribute to this change but none are more blatant than the growth of the digital realm, the Internet. The reason, quite simply, is that faith and freedom of information are not compatible. Religions have kept their strength by keeping followers in the darkness of ignorance. Now that information control is slipping between the fingers of religious institutions, their survival is questionable.

"Now may be the time that Google kills God. But one must be cautious not to trade one master for another. "

-Dan Ashton Lloyd, Director

W H Y - G O O G L E - K I L L E D - G O D
M E D I A - I N F O R M A T I O N - P A C K E T

Posted: March 31, 2014
Updated: July 30, 2014

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