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The Think Atheist Foundation Mission Statement

"We are a community social networking and news site focused on bringing free thinkers together and breaking the misconceptions about atheism. Our foundation's goals are:

1. Educate the public on non-belief;
2. Encourage and foster a positive public opinion about non-belief and non-believers;
3. Put an end to discrimination experienced against non-believers;
4. Embrace a scientific world-view, based on logic, evidence, and reason, and to discourage irrational, emotional beliefs as a replacement for logical thought;
5. Protect the state against religious interventions;
6. Provide aid and shelter for those coming to non-belief from abusive religious environments;
7. Approach our ever-changing and evolving world with minds open to evidence of new ideas and theories; and
8. Encourage discussion between non-believers and theists of all religious affiliations to break down existing cultural barriers."

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Think Atheist. We are working hard to break misconceptions of disbelief and provide a social network of free thinkers, and look forward to hearing from you. Questions? Comments? Hate mail? Contact Think Atheist at:

1.903.4.THINKS (1.903.484.4657) or
P.O. Box 6074
Annapolis, MD 21401


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