Evolution is a process by which genetic mutations in creatures cause a change in characteristics of life forms. Advantageous mutations continue and thus creatures "evolve" into a higher, more capable life form.


Evangelical theists claim that evolution is not a fact, nor even a valid theory:

There are two types of evolution that are commonly referred to: microevolution and macroevolution.

Macroevolution is the concept that over time one species can evolve into a new species (invertebrate into vertebrate, fish into amphibian, amphibian into reptile, reptile into bird,…) This has never been observed nor is there any evidence it ever happened, therefore it is not a fact or a theory. In order to have macroevolution take place there must be a mechanism that can add beneficial information to an organisms DNA. The mechanism commonly stated to perform this task is mutations. However, there are no known mutations that have been both beneficial and added new information to the DNA. This means macroevolution is an unverified hypothesis.

Microevolution is not evolution. It is used in two different contexts. First, it is often used to mean random errors in the DNA. Random errors do not cause beneficial information to be added to an organisms DNA. Second, it is often confused with natural selection and genetic variability. Both of these work with existing information and do not add any new morphological structures necessary for evolution.
If evolution is not a fact or a theory, then what is it? Based on the scientific method it qualifies as a model or a hypothesis.

This contention implies that there is a distinction between micro and macro-evolution. This is false. All evolution is micro-evolution. Evolution happens over millions of years in small steps. Only the tiny, closed-mind of a theist could entertain the idea that the quintessential proof of evolution is the presentation of a half-duck, half-crocodile!

A collection of articles and essays regarding evolution.

Articles on Evolution

Basic examples substantiating evolutionary theory

  • Creation of new species - An easily repeatable experiment first developed in the 1800s can show how a new species of creature can be created.
  • Transitional fossils - Details on transitional fossils
  • Peppered Moth - A recently study of the Peppered Moth demonstrates evolution in action.
  • Observed instances of speciation - Creationists claim that there are no examples of one species evolving into another, and that this hasn't been observed. They are wrong.
  • Evolution effects - An array of interesting notes on the way creatures have evolved.

Theories on the evolution of sentience and higher cognitive skills

Why do humans uniquely appear to be sentient and very self-aware when compared with other creatures in the animal kingdom? Theists claim this "gap" is evidence of supernatural creation. Scientists however, have many other explanations.

  • Evolution and sex - One theory suggests that as female genetalia evolved from being visible to hidden, this prompted more complicated mating procedures which required advanced mental abilities.

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