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"I figured out that $90 million is about $50 for every man, woman, and child living in Gaza. This is money that Hamas spent on tunnels and arms, including missiles, instead of developing industries,…"
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Is Anything Worth Saying Anymore?

I'm making this post because it just feels like there's no need to speak about things anymore. Nothing seems to get accomplished anyways so what's the point of doing so. Most arguments are nothing…See More
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"Phunny photos. Were I a woman, there's a kind of feminism I couldn't be part of. I would want to be part of a feminism that fights for fair wages (which isn't always equal wages), that…"
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"RE: By not contributing to a solution and remaining disconnected are we in a way partly responsible for their demise? Yes, but we cannot solve everything. I love the quote by Jonathan Kozol,…"
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"No problem."
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"Hey, Danielle! I'm very sorry that people treat you that way. :( You are beautiful as a person and you should be able to be who you are without unnecessary judgment. Some people just have so…"
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"I'd like to hear the details. Please enlighten me. ^.^"
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"Outside of human rights issues, the global problem that I'm most concerned about is the rate at which humanity is destroying the world: short-sighted energy policies, pollution and the…"
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"I am basically the same age as you are Noel. I am not going into full retirement but work part time (1 day a week) and continue to make product as a woodworking artisan here at home. I have a very…"
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