Simon Mathews replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"Bob, Remember I freely admitted game theory was not the answer to everything. I simply used it to counter your statement that without God there was no reason to behave in any other way than…"
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"Couldn't agree more. Everyone thinks about this issue in terms of "Terminator" like faux-humans running about and killing mankind. But why would an artificial intelligence with a blank…"
1 hour ago
Simon Mathews commented on Andy Hoke's blog post 'Non-traditional Marraige'
"One of the arguments you hear from people opposed to gay marriage is that it is not in-keeping with the original idea of marriage. I don't agree with this because the original idea of marriage,…"
2 hours ago
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"This is great news"
2 hours ago
Simon Mathews replied to Unseen's discussion 'Illogic and the death penalty'
"Me: Remember you are talking about something (punishment) that is experienced by the recipient and therefore is subjective. GM: No, that's what you are talking about. I am talking about the…"
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Gallup's Mirror commented on Andy Hoke's blog post 'Non-traditional Marraige'
"I've heard enough 'slippery slope' arguments against same-sex marriage over the years to feel wary of such correlations. (Gallup, if we let LGBT people marry then we'll have to…"
4 hours ago
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"Oh so good! Seems like good Socratic dialogues can still be written (and thankfully without being 100 pages long)!"
5 hours ago
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"Atheism has no purpose. In the most broadest is a stance on the question as to whether God exists or not. In its most direct and clearest is the rejection of the statement…"
5 hours ago
Andy Hoke posted a blog post

Non-traditional Marraige

For all of those in favor of gay marriage, what are the feelings on polygamy?See More
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"The entire event-- the National Day of Prayer-- is deluded. The U.S. government, which is prohibited from preferring one religion over another, officially urges all Americans "to turn to God in…"
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