Davis Goodman replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion '"Nude" women's cycling team uniforms: indecent?'
"Yes...women get a bum rap in Sports. Women tend to be more followed in sports with small teams or singles events like beach volleyball, tennis, curling, figure skating etc. Why is that?"
2 hours ago
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Erock68la replied to K_R's discussion 'Punishment as a parenting strategy'
"Negative reinforcement would be removing some unpleasant chore from his responsibilities. If he does well on the quiz he doesn't have to take out the trash for a week, for example, to encourage…"
3 hours ago
Virgil replied to K_R's discussion 'Punishment as a parenting strategy'
"The only 'negative' punishment my parents ever gave me was allowing me to see whatever I'd done had hurt them. 24 or 48 hours of not having completely excited parental support was…"
4 hours ago
Virgil replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'What do you do when you hurt?'
"When I came back from Afghanistan they were giving me anti-depressants like they were breath mints.  The best way to describe what they did was if you try to shoot at house flies with an…"
4 hours ago
Virgil replied to Stuart VanDyke's discussion 'Family Issues.'
"I feel for you Stu.  My hurt for you is not because I've experienced something similar but more like 'survivors' guilt' that people who weren't killed in disasters feel.…"
5 hours ago
kOrsan replied to Unseen's discussion 'What to do about psychopaths now that we can identify them?'
"I see, thanks for the link."
8 hours ago
Simon Paynton replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'What do you do when you hurt?'
"If I was there in person I'd give you a big hug and hang out with you. "
8 hours ago
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Unseen replied to Carol Foley's discussion 'Cats are Anti-Christian and Other Strange Tails(Tales)...'
"Most people don't know that one of the leading causes of the great plague was the Catholic Church's obsession with the idea that cats were demons or familiars of witches. Incredibly cruel…"
11 hours ago