• Atheist Cats

    29 members

    A place for atheists with cats to exchange pictures and anecdotes and even ask for advice regarding our feline friends.

  • Depression/ Bipolar Support

    123 members

    Support group for those dealing with Depression/ Bipolar conditions.

  • Welcome all Adherents

    19 members

    Do you believe? Then you should join this group. If you're an atheist interested in adherents questions and comments and would like to have civil and respectful conversation and debate, pls join.

  • Not Out the Closet!

    26 members

    I am an Atheist, very few people know. My Mother, my wife and two very close friends. Although I want to be a "Public" Atheist I am not there yet. This is a forum for seeking advice and to share experience. Things to consider and be aware of.

  • African Freethinkers

    9 members

    Are you a  Humanist,Free thinker,Atheist,Agnostic,Bright on the African Continent.Make yourself known to the rest of freethinkers in Africa. Lets join hands and become one people in promoting Humanist values,ethics on the African Continent.

  • Criticising Religions

    78 members

    It's a group is for you atheists and agnostics who like criticism.. feel free to participate.

  • Atheists of Saudi Arabia

    22 members

    a place for atheists in Saudi to unite. since we clearly don't have any other places to go to !

  • Ex muslim support group

    85 members

    A group to support ex-muslims, to share knowledge and ideas, to discuss coping strategies for those who live in with muslim theists, and to help those who leave Islam realize--- you are not alone in your thinking.

  • TA Skype

    76 members

    Wanna participate in some live chats every now and then? share your skype sn here.

  • Michigan Atheists

    66 members

    A place for atheists living in Michigan to discuss issues , make friends, and plan events.

  • Tim Minchin Fans

    10 members

    You can spend an entire day just watching Tim Minchin videos. I know, I have! Add suggestions here for favorite Minchin videos/links, news/views about his current tours and productions, and so on.

  • Manifest Destiny

    21 members

    Every conservative's worst nightmare. The goddamned hippies are organizing! They are infiltrating society, cleverly disguised as 'Yuppies' and 'Fashionably Bohemians.' 

  • I'm Dreaming Of An Atheist Christmas

    82 members

    Who doesn't enjoy celebrating xmas, which happened to originate long before the christians claimed it? Share how you love to celebrate at this time of year. Recipes, decorations, crafts, ideas for gifts, winter tales, can be found here.

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson Fanclub

    94 members

    For all of you who love astrophysicist Dr. Tyson. I, personally, think that Neil's talks are like stand-up comedy. Only better.   He is the Carl Sagan of our generation. A true pioneer of science.

  • The Anarchist

    21 members

    An anarchist does NOT want chaos or destruction. We believe power should be decentralized. We object to corporate capitalism, as it exploits workers and keeps money and power in the hands of the rich elite at the expense of the majority.

  • Think Atheist Cat Club

    36 members

    Since the creation of the group "Think Atheist Dog Park" I thought that atheist cat lovers needed a similar group to share stories, tips, photos, and other things. So, whether you have a cat or not, if you adore felines, this is the place to be.

  • Cancer Support

    30 members

    Have you or one of you loved ones been affect by cancer? Share your stories here. Ask others how to cope.

  • Minnesota Atheists

    32 members

  • Atheist Artists

    178 members

    Group for creative freethinkers and visual artists. All mediums welcome! Show and talk about what you do. Talk about what others do.

  • Florida Think Atheist members.

    70 members

    Florida Think Atheist members.