• Georgia Atheists/Agnostics

    93 members

    A group for all atheists/agnostics living in the state of Georgia.

  • Sunday School

    70 members

    The Official home to ThinkAtheist.com's Sunday School mailings.

  • Hygiene & Cosmetics

    15 members

    Believe it or not, hygiene is so important that ignoring it can be highly debilitating in the long run. Most of us go through life more miserable because we simply find it too embarrassing and/or time consuming to face our irritating bodily issues. This group is intended to advise and promote solut…

  • Atheist Guitar Lovers

    12 members

    Do you play guitar? Even if you're not the next Jimi Hendrix and just play guitar for recreation and enjoyment only, this is a group for those of us in TA who speak guitar.

  • LGBT Atheists & Allies

    30 members

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Asexual, Straight, etc, you're accepted here.

  • Survivors of Violence Support and Recovery

    11 members

    A group for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, victim-defendant crimes, child custody/post-separation battering, stalking, gang violence, drug trafficking (mule), immigration related violence, military/war related violence, prisoners of war....and any other form of viole…

  • Tim Minchin Fans

    10 members

    You can spend an entire day just watching Tim Minchin videos. I know, I have! Add suggestions here for favorite Minchin videos/links, news/views about his current tours and productions, and so on.

  • Manifest Destiny

    21 members

    Every conservative's worst nightmare. The goddamned hippies are organizing! They are infiltrating society, cleverly disguised as 'Yuppies' and 'Fashionably Bohemians.' 

  • I'm Dreaming Of An Atheist Christmas

    82 members

    Who doesn't enjoy celebrating xmas, which happened to originate long before the christians claimed it? Share how you love to celebrate at this time of year. Recipes, decorations, crafts, ideas for gifts, winter tales, can be found here.

  • Cancer Support

    30 members

    Have you or one of you loved ones been affect by cancer? Share your stories here. Ask others how to cope.

  • Minnesota Atheists

    32 members

  • Black Box

    8 members

    The Think Atheist staff office... wherefore all the ideas for making this community a better place flow from. 

  • Polscy ateiści - Polish Atheists

    4 members

    Tutaj grupa dla Polaków! Łączy agnostyków, ateistów i naturalistów z Polski. Wyłącz się z grupy, w której znajduje się w przybliżeniu 90% naszego społeczeństwa. Poznaj, że nie ma sfery nadnaturalnej: ani nad morzem, ani w górach :). Logo zawiera podobiznę Kazimierza Łyszczyńskiego. Słowa kluczowe:…

  • ATHEIST FAMILY of Oberlin Ohio

    2 members

    Group for Atheist of Oberlin, OH and surounding area. All are welcome to join, we are family.

  • Zombie Survival

    2 members

    Share your survival tips!

  • Spanish Speaking Atheist

    4 members

    Un grupo para todos los ateos que hablan la segunda lengua mas hablada en el mundo! Las conversaciones deben ser en español!

  • Atheist's in Virginia

    10 members

    This is a group for all atheist's in Virginia.

  • South African Atheist

    1 member

  • ☺↔☻ robots are your friends

    14 members

    For people interested in robotics, cyborgs, intelligent software, machine learning, etc.

  • Why should the world save 550,000 mothers from dying every year?

    3 members

    Charity formed in 2005 to reduce numbers of women dying in pregnancy & childbirth due to poverty