Thinking of leaving Think Atheist site, it should be renamed "Think Unseen". That guy cannot have a life !

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  • Gallup's Mirror

    Unseen pokes a bit, but I haven't seen him cross that line ever.

    I have. But rarely.

    I don't agree with everything Unseen writes but he instigates some great conversations. He's like a purebred dalmatian who isn't housebroken; great to have around but spotty and prone to the occasional crap.

  • Strega

    One of the guidelines in TA is

    • be courteous and respectful

    Personally, I think this status is shameful.  If you feel you want to leave somewhere, just leave.  There is no reason to hit a gong and point fingers.

    As far as Unseen's  postings go, I rarely agree with him, and I thoroughly enjoy debating with him.  It is frequent posters that make a forum work.  He posts controversial comments that inspire dialogue, and for that I am very grateful.

    As Melvinotis said, he is a real person.  This was an unkind thing to do.

  • RE: "He also responds to almost every post." - could that be because he loves to see his name in print?

    If he were gone, I'd miss the easy target --