Thinking of leaving Think Atheist site, it should be renamed "Think Unseen". That guy cannot have a life !

  • Melvinotis

    He is a pot stirrer, but I don't think he is bad for the forum. He is posting questions that are topical and people respond to. He also responds to almost every post. 

    I only get to be on every now and then, although I follow the conversations seemingly endlessly. He and some of the other common posters, Archaeopteryx, Strega, Onyango, Gallup's Mirror, Reg the Fronkey Farmer, et al keep this forum thriving and interesting. It is also fascinating to see those who have posted as much but seem to detract into name calling, insults, and intellectual dishonesty. Unseen pokes a bit, but I haven't seen him cross that line ever. 

    He's also a real person, send him a message, ask him what's up.

  • onyango makagutu

    Judith he is a fine fellow and sometimes I think he just want to act the devil's advocate where the devil here is the crazy nutjobs that is the American right i suppose and you just can't leave for that :)