Dave G


Honolulu, HI

United States

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Just zis guy, you know?
I'm a computer programmer who enjoys a number of hobbies, including astronomy, steampunk, science fiction, programming (luckily I can get paid for this one), and so forth.
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Twitter. Oh, and I'm an atheist who likes to chat about things.
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To paraphrase Good Omens, I didn't so much fall as saunter downwards. Organized religion clearly made no sense and didn't even have a hint of honesty or truth to it. From there it wasn't long before I realized that neither the Bible, nor the stories I had been told as a child had any actual evidence backing them up. And when I really started looking at religion critically, none of it did.

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  • Will Sloan

    Hey, Dave. Thanks for the add! Any groups in particular that you might recommend?
  • cassie alvarez


  • Jason Woolsey

    Thanks, it's neat to find a collection of similar people all in one spot.