Ken Hughes


Decatur, TX

United States

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Life-long skeptic arguing with cousins pre-school about the total idiocy of a fat man in a red suit riding a toy-filled flying sleigh pulled by flying reindeer delivering stuff to "good little boys and girls". I also understood the two-bits under my pillow came from my mom and not the tooth fairy; hell, a quarter in the late 40s bought a whole day's worth of candy, so I went along.
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Tired of holy-roller BS in 21st-century America forcing itself into the US public school system.
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It never made sense to me, ever.
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  • Leslie Ann

    Didn't know about this! I'm going to try to make it to the next one! Thanks!

  • Heather Spoonheim

    I'm not hearing much about 21/12/12 - I think big business has a vested interest in suppressing such nonsense as it may impact Christmas sales, :D

  • Heather Spoonheim

    I'll just take your word for it and avoid exposing myself to such drivel.  I kind of like the 'preppers' a bit - if they aren't too overboard.  I'm a little OCD about being prepared for anything.  I always keep a few gallons of water on hand in the house just in case there is a disruption in service - things like that.  I know what you mean about some of those people, though - totally whacked out with 5 million rounds of ammo.