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I am a well-informed person and the more I know about religion the more I abhor it. Nothing good has ever come from religion -only wars, pogroms, genocides, intolerance and the worst sort of self-delusion, silliness and brainwashed idiocy.
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I want to be a part of anything that has to do with atheism. I think that atheism should be the norm of society, not christianity or islam or some silly dogma. What is natural about that? When I was 3-4 yrs old I thought the idea of god & jesus was really stupid, but my parents kept making me go to church-literally kicking & screaming. I never took it really seriously, but once I got a chance I stopped going and never looked back and used any info I had to see just how idiotic religion is. When I hear right-wing christian nuts I think that they're just as bigoted, just as prone to violence as so-called "muslim terrorists" - why isn't Pat Robertson locked up in Gitmo? One more thing: Burn in hell Jerry Falwell!
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I never really left any religion since I've always thought religion is just a bunch of silly nonsense and the more one learns about their dogma & history (crusades, inquisition...)the more I detest it.
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