Ray R.


Brookside, NJ

United States

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I am interested in logic , reason , and enjoy hearing the opinions of other atheist thinkers .
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I never believed it . Any of it .
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  • Pope Beanie

    Nice. His 9th, climaxing with Ode to Joy still gives me goosebumps. To me, it's such a special piece that I reserve listening to it for only special occasions.

    Which, by the way, impresses me as an atheist. I'm forced to conclude that such yearnings and creativity result from a primal need to connect ourselves with each other, and with the world, in order to understand and affect each other and the world. Beethoven did that.

  • Unseen

    Thanks for friending me. How's it going?

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Thanks for the add Ray. I like you level of tolerance for the religiously minded statements that some members make!! I don't suffer them either.