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United States

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I'm interested in keeping up with the events of the atheist community.
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Anyone that has due diligence in there studies on all sides will reach the same conclusion. No rational mind could except the lack of evidence for god and still believe!

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  • Gary Bergeron

    Sorry for the late accept! I didn't realize anyone had added me! LOL!

    Ah yes...Louisiana.. a place where God sticks his finger in the eyes of hurricanes and tornados, guiding them here with the sole purpose of testing our faith! All the innocent lives lost is well worth it, just ask the faithful! :)

    Thanks for the add Brian! :)


  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to TA!
  • Louis LeJeune

    The National Atheist Party has been formed in the US. Every state has a page if you search "National Atheist Party of _______". I am the State Chapter Leader for Louisiana.