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  • kelltrill

    Hi there! Thanks so much for the add :) It's so cool that there's someone else on here who's into anti-theism and linguistics. Are you an undergrad? If so what are all your courses and majors? What are you keen on getting into one day? Ever been to my side of the world?
    Have a great day. It's midday here so I think it's like 6am there.
  • kelltrill

    Sounds like you're on the right track, whether you know what direction you want to go in yet or not. You can still get into journalism via Linguistics by the way, so don't worry too much about that :)
    Phonetics was always my favourite and syntax my worst. My thesis is on the phonetic exaggerations of stereotyped Afrikaans accents and my coursework for the first semester was Terminology & Terminography and Language Contact & Bilingualism. I've had the pleasure of studying Japanese, Russian, and Sign Language during my undergrad. I also took a basic philosophy course in 2006, ITP (Into to Philosophy). I enjoyed it. It touched on all of the necessary God-exists-oh-wait-he-doesn't arguments, which was a lot of fun. I've been pretty confident about my atheism since I was little though regardless. I did a triple major BA in Classical Civilisation, English Literature, and Linguistics, so I'm naturally extremely interested in ancient texts. I love drawing comparisons between the Quran and the Bible, as well as comparing the Biblical Genesis creation myth to the creation myth in Ovid's Metamorphoses. I generally just enjoy poking around in matters of language and religion.
    I'm afraid my community involvement has slowed down a lot this year. The last four years I was ridiculously involved in pretty much every thing you can think of, but postgrad life is sapping all of my free time. As I'm typing this it's 2am. The problem with social networking is that a lot of people online are from America, which means you are all getting home from work when I start getting ready to head to bed, so I seem to have become nocturnal O_o
    I was fortunate enough to pick up an Anthropology course during my studies. I couldn't major in it because it clashed with English, but I highly recommend it as a mate with Ling ;) Anthropological Linguistics is the type of field that will suck you into the postgrad world, so be warned!
    Thanks for sharing with me!
  • Don

    Letter to fundy grandma.pdf

    Here's that letter...