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Hill Afb, UT

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I am married to a wonderful woman and we have four adorable children. I am in the US Air Force and I live near Las Vegas. I was raised in a Southern Baptist family, and though I love them all very much I no longer believe in what they taught me about religion. Too much real world experience and taught me different. I very much look forward to connecting with other people of like mind!
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Oh guess I should said part of the above down here. Well either way I guess I had a crisis of faith when I was about 25, and by the time I was 26 I realized I just couldn't believe the religion I was raised with, it no longer held any meaning to me, and certainly didn't explain life as I saw it. At first I went towards paganism, and I still like a lot of what I found there. The religion focuses very much on the person, and on the choices we make. And through that I found my wife, so I am happy I went to it for a time. I still practice some of what I found there, because it helps to focus me. But the idea of a god or goddess, or anything along that line, just doesn't seem to add up to me anymore. I have always thought that science and human intelligence could save us from almost anything, and allow us to reach our full potential as individuals and together as a whole. I don't think we need a higher power for that.
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Three years in the Air Force seeing the real world helped too!
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