Jonel Burge

29, Female

Tuscaloosa, AL

United States

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About Me:
I'm a writer, a geek, and a bit spastic.
I love making things with my hands, playing with cats, and peppering nerdy movie comments into every day conversation.
Why are you here?
I found this place via a google search for atheist writer's groups--the vast amount I have found are Christian or similar and it's very -hard- to share some of my work there without them basically going "YOU CAN'T DO THIS", also this place seems interesting and full of friendly and engaging people, with whom I would not mind conversing.
The religion you left
Christian, Was never a part of one
Why you left your religion.
After sitting through a sermon on why homosexuals are such bad people, I somewhat officially left.
But ever since I was a kid, the question in my head was "Religion is for the sick and the poor. Which one are you?" Those that flock to religion are desperate for wealth or health, the two things that religions often promise.
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?

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  • T A A

    Welcome Jonel. I'm very much enjoying your posts. They are very thoughtful and candid. I expect my next foray into university, a fifth time, will be to do a masters degree in anthropology, it's been a passion of mine for so long... Enjoy this place, you'll have all sorts of encounters!!

  • Sydni Moser

    Jonel thanks for the friend request, it is my pleasure.  The Singles Group unfortunately never really got off the ground.   I lost steam in trying to keep it active...  Maybe I should try a second round of activity there, and try to resurrect some dormant interest in the group???