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United States

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  • G.B. Zidan

    Hi John, Thanks for the accept!

  • Don

    John, the afterlife, as most religions conceive it, is only a myth.  For many people, of course, it's a comforting myth.  It soothes the heart in the face of loss and fear.  That's a big reason people want so much to believe that death is not "the end."  

    But, by all the evidence, the truth is that humans are material beings with short lives, no different in that respect from whales, beetles, chickadees, maple trees, and bacteria.  As we have evolved, we humans have slowly acquired self-awareness and language, and these traits have been used against us by those who would control our thinking and behavior. 

    Do some reading.  That's my advice.  Do a lot of reading.  Only learning and contemplation will give you the basis for determining what's true and what isn't.  

  • kris feenstra

    Hi John,

    Your blog entry titled 'God Particle' was not approved as it does not meet the requirements outlined in the Think Atheist Guidelines.  Specifically, buried away in the blogs section of the guidelines:

    ~Blogs must contain at least a paragraph of content. If you want to make a Twitter-like post, do that on the front page in the activity feed ("What is on your mind?").

    This topic may be suitable for a forum post, or it may work as a blog if you added a paragraph or two of your own thoughts on the subject matter.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact me or one of the other moderators, and we'll try our best to resolve the issue.