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I'm the webmaster of I retired early, at the age of 52, in June of 2006. I've been in the Philippines ever since as an American expatriate.
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To enjoy the company of my fellow atheists.
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Because NOBODY knows ANYTHING about the supernatural and God is as supernatural as it gets.

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  • mona anne kot

    :) thanks for the add <3
  • mona anne kot

    Thank you dear :) much love and peace
  • Serotonin Wraith


    It was on a meebo room where I spotted your name. I haven't checked yet. Never been on Atheist Nexus either. I was away from this site for a while cos life got too busy. Hope you're okay.
  • Crystal Shard

    Hi, thanks for the add. Yes you've probably seen me on A/N, on there as Crystal Shard as well so pop on over to my page and leave me a friend invite:-)
  • Jacqueline Sarah Homan

    Glad to see you've made it to a saner site :)
  • Maysan

    Hi Atheist Exile,
    Thanks for the comment. Glad to be in this group, it seems interesting.
  • Atheist Exile

    Hi Shine,

    I hope your midterms are going well . . . and what's this about two piano concerts? That's very cool. My ex-wife was a Julliard-trained musician (clarinet and piano) and has many friends in the music biz. I envy those who make their living with music.
  • pat

    Hey AE ,You ask what a pearlist is . Well it's a little hokey but I like the acronym .P.E.A.R.L or Phyical Evidence And Reasoned Logic. It comes from a utube user by the name of Thunderf00t ,the video is called rejecting atheism .You should give it a look he has made some great vids.
  • Luna Agimat

    hi sir!
  • Danair Joa Estrare

    Yellow Ribbon for the Snake!

  • Danair Joa Estrare

    hey seriously, you have pet snakes at home?

  • Danair Joa Estrare

    I just hope that guy enjoy the SNAKE hehehehehe

    Oh THANKS for the RED RIBBON heheh

    30 minutes passed before i saw that....a little bit busy on the Agriculture Website.

    Hey, how's your 22 yrs old son FAITH?
    hope he'll like FACTS/TRUTH than FAITH huh.
  • Keith A. Szilagyi

    Thanks for the add and the compliment, Mr Exile.
  • Wesley

    Because you are doing a GREAT job!
  • Danair Joa Estrare

  • Bill

    It's good to be friends :)
  • Roy The Infidel

  • Becca

    Thanks or the add!
  • Buck O'Roon

    Thanks for the add, AE! I have been writing for a non-blog project for the past couple of weeks, which has absorbed much of my time and creative energy. However, I did manage to post one this evening, at both ThinkAtheist and WordPress, and I think you will like it. It is under the heading, "In Honor of National Death Month".

  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    I know, right?
    How did I miss that? I went to message you and was like 'Woah! Hold up here!'
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    So.. are you going to accept my invitation?
    I think you should.
    So do the other mods. :)
  • Reggie

    Hey! You had your snake removed!
  • Reggie

    I won;t miss the snake. I like the new pic very much, also!
  • changingape

    Thanks, AE!
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    YOU'RE IT.
    Go here when you have a moment. This is silly and just for fun. Don't forget to tag three other people and post this message on their profile pages, too.
  • Bleacheddecay

    Hi Atheist Exile,

    I don't come around this site very often but I enjoy it nonetheless.

    Sorry to hear about your father. *hug* Mine died 20 years ago. It tore apart my family and my mother has never been the same. I worked at processing the loss and grief. I went on to create my own family afterward but of course I'll always miss my father. I made a study of loss and grief. I could recommend some books that might be useful to you if you are interested.

    I agree with you about gospel. I also believe that gospel music also taps into sexuality but maybe it's just me?

    I'm totally going to check out your music player! Thank you for your PM.

  • Buckminster83

    Thanks! You pinned it - I was born in 83 and am from Tacoma. Sadly, I now live in Spokane (I don't ... hate Spokane. I just don't like it and would much rather be home).
  • freetobefreeforever

    Thanks. No not my dog but I thought he would make a good avatar.
  • Wallace Wells

    Thanks :)
  • Maya Bohnhoff

    Thanks for befriending me, Exile!
  • Edmond

    Thank you for your comment and for adding me as a friend. I'm glad that you understood where I was coming from and that means a lot. :)
  • Tifany Twisted

    Thank you so much for the add, Exile! It's a pleasure to meet you! 8)
  • Geoff Boulton

    Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to reading the different points of view and adding a few of my own.

  • Steph

    Thanks for the welcome. :) It's nice to know that people of all religions are welcome here but sheesh, I sure hope there aren't very many fundies. :) Thanks again!

  • Artem Mikhalitsin

    Thank you for the welcome, Exile!

  • Sadly 'M' iCantSay

    yes, right.


    i'm afraid more of ppl who act by themselves, coz ppl r religious here and really believe that killing me will please their god!! The authorities wont search for "infe dels" on the internet and catch them, at least thats what i think. but there r some crazy ppl out there who think doing that is J i h a d. 

  • Sadly 'M' iCantSay

    dont think because of what i say that i live in a chaotic country, no i live a happy safe life here, there r no terrorists in every corner like u would imagine, but some ppl cud do bad and evil things and ignore police for their religion!!

  • Janelle Campbell

    Thanks for the friend invite :)

  • Roy Elliott Hurley

      Thanks! What I've seen so far is cool!!!

  • Steel Gray

    Hi Exile! Thank you for this welcome! ;)

  • Teresa R

    Thank you for adding me as a friend and for the warm welcome.  :)

  • Jessica Harryman

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the friend request.  It's great to meet such nice people that share the same interests as me.
  • T A A

    Hi there... you aren't having any trouble posting? I'm having all sorts of trouble, and I'm unable to mail it seems :(
  • T A A

    dang! I'm on Firefox... are you on IE? or something else?
  • T A A

    I was just able to debug my Firefox (as IE had no prob). It was one of my AdBlock filters that got updated, I seem to be back on :)
  • Alayna

    LOL..Oh ty for responding to the post!  I decided to delete it...maybe "too much" too soon?!  A bit over my head...I will indeed check out the suggestions you gave me...thanks so much!


  • Arcus

    Tnx for add! :)
  • Mo Trauen


    I am sorry.  I didn't see your friend add until today.  I should have sent you one myself months ago.  Your posts are always incredibly intelligent.

  • Okinawa R.

    nope, unfortunately i havent been there :(

    my name was given by a friend of my father who's happened to be a japanese soldier which sadly i have never met because he went back to japan when i was born...guess he's from okinawa hence my name :)

  • Helen Pluckrose

    Thank you! I love the powerful way you write. :)