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I'm the webmaster of I retired early, at the age of 52, in June of 2006. I've been in the Philippines ever since as an American expatriate.
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To enjoy the company of my fellow atheists.
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Because NOBODY knows ANYTHING about the supernatural and God is as supernatural as it gets.

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  • Helena

    yeah! Dogs will do that, though to be honest I love dogs too. As a matter of fact one of my cats thinks she is a dog - sure of it. Hope your ranga (strine - ie. Aussie, for red haired, ie. orangatan, eg. our prime minister is a ranga) cat is OK.
    yeah, I can handle deadly snakes too, they fascinate me - used to rescue them from peoples homes - we don't have rattlers here, but our snakes are the deadliest in the world, (though the red belly black snakes generally have a pleasant temper, unlike some rattlers I have handled when I used to work in a zoo).
    I It was the atheist thing that got me into snakes the first place... poor vilified animal! LOL

  • Giddian Beer

    Thank you for the invite. Looking forward to great communications & ideas.

  • M.M.

    Thank you for accepting my friend request!.

    Looking forward to your future posts!