Zachary Harris


United States

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To answer legitimate and sincere questions about Biblical Christianity.
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I left atheism when I was 17 when I had to admit to myself that my denial of God was ultimately based in my heart's unwillingness to bow down to an authoritative King over my life, rather than based on the intellectual arguments that I put forth to assure my conscience that He wasn't there.
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  • Kir Komrik

    Hey Zachary,

    Welcome aboard and I look forward to getting to know you - kk

  • Ben wright

    Hi, Atheism is a lack of religion not a religion in its self, just like not collecting stamps isn't a hobby. In my limited opinion the main difference between us is what it takes to "know" somthing + what constitutes as good evidence. I'd love to tell you what it takes for me to say I "know" somthing, drop me a line if you want. Peace out buddy!