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I just like seeing people's opinions on subjects such as this.
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  • Michael

    Yes he is fully God in his preternatural state. In fact the Word of God which proceeds from his mouth as a two edge sword is fully God. So interesting that his preternatural state, undifferentiated from the father exists simultaneously as his corporal and spiritual body state. But if this were not so, The Word of God could not be referred to as the imperishable seed.
  • Michael

    I believe that the process of  destroying the works of our adversary predates our existence. Spiritual warfare has been waged on earth for eons. And finally with the current species of man, victory!. Thus and immeasurable amount of time predates us. All I know is that, once a time all the sons of God rejoiced, when he brought forth the starry host of the night sky, creating that which appear from that which is unseen. Sometime after that principalities and powers were cast to the earth resulting from violations in the heavenlies.
  • Michael

    Do do you not have an opinion as to old or young earth and evolution and all that.

    The earth is roughly 6 billion years old. Evolution preposterous given irreducible complexity. 


    see no evidence biblical that satan was cast to earth long before adam and eve arrived

    "Is this the man that cause the earth tremble, released not his captives and cause the earth to become an uninhabitable wilderness!" This is certainly seen in the remote pass. Induce sin and you will precipitate God's wrath upon the earth. "The snow ball earth, Asteroid Strikes, destruction of Cro-magnon  and Neanderthal and the animals of the megafuana, that they named.

    , is your statement just speculation or .... specifically what is ur opionion of adam and eve real? first people? did other species evolve unto them?

    I believe that the archaeological evidence is clear. Does God destroy races of men for no reason?  There were prior Genesis of men apart from our species that failed to yield a Savior to destroy Death. 


    This of course is my opinion but I believe that the evidence is strong.