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I am lesbian, married mother of four kids, a nurse (midwife - home birth practice). I came from dysfunctional parents, catholic mother, slightly christian father, both narcissistic and bloody hopeless parents. I have been blessed to meet and marry the most amazing woman who has made my life so full. Oh, and she is a TA member as well !
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I have come to see what it is that my wife finds interesting enough to spend what tiny little free time she gets to read here.
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Was never in one, I did get kicked out of religion class when at school !
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my wife

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  • Mohamed Zaki

    well egyptian or not its a small planet nice seeing you here :)

  • juseph zyadfrahat

    hallo Nina

    are u from Holand?

    do u speak German?

  • Marianne


    It was my pleasure entirely! You are a lovely person. Hope we can talk more soon. :)