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Phoenix, AZ

United States

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Associate Degree in Science...kept changing majors at the University level until I ran out of the Government's GI bill money, so I have a lot of credit hrs in various fields, but no advanced degree...still love science though..especially all the advances in the study of the cosmos and Astronomy. Can't believe the Christians ACTUALLY BELIEVE the ENTIRE Universe is only six-thousand yrs old...!!Like someone said before..."when did God make all the fossils...?? Was a hotel Chef and worked in the food and beverage industry for over 20 yrs before starting at the Post Office as a machine operator. Looking into retiring in the next few yrs. Don't drink or smoke anymore, and like to hike a small mountain in Phx regularly, and I like the beach...
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Getting REALLY tired of listening to "Jesus freaks" go on and on about being "saved", but they just "talk the talk, but don't walk the walk"...They say everyone is a sinner, and when you accept Jesus as your savior, he will forgive you your sins, but then they just continue to go on sinning, and you would NEVER know they were even trying to redeem themselves...they're PHONIES:!! I can't stand the hypocrisy's in the Bible, with all the violence..."Happy is the one that takes your babies and smashes them on the rocks"...Psalm 137:9 What's up with that...?? And weren't MOST wars fought over religion...?? Look at the 200 yr Crusades...!! I'm looking for enlightened people to mingle with, talk to, and gain strength and camaraderie...:-)
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In this day and age and the vast knowledge about the Universe,('s??)and with just looking at the absurd claims in the Bible, I finally saw that religion was just stories made up by our ancient ancestors to quell their fears of death and dying with no hope for an afterlife. When a child hears something from his parents and grandparents, and such a BIG DEAL is made of it, what child would DARE question the concept...?? Although, the old adage "there ain't no atheist's in a foxhole" may still be true even today...:-)
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surfing to web with a question on "The council of Nicea", and didn't want a biased answer from Christian apologetics...

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    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Paul! Join us in theĀ chat on the bottom right of the screen and feel free to ask questions and get involved as much or as little as you want! If you would like to, add me as a friend and I'm also on twitter as RSAnative if you care to follow. Welcome again and make yourself at home!