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I am a piano instructor, and accompanist for a Lutheran Church LOL
I absolutely love to cook and prepare delicious meals with wine. I try to study piano at least 3 hours a day and I run my own private teaching studio. Have 16 students currently and they mean the world to me. I adore cats. I have always thought if I could choose to be a non human I would choose to be a cat. Get to stalk prey at night , go home to cuddle with a super warm and affectionate woman who will always pet me and feed me and clean up after me haha and I can still play the piano with my little paws ;P
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Maybe to release some of my pent up frustration with Religious ignorance? I have to sit through a weekly morning Sermon and listen to the nonsense the Pastor teaches. Then I go home to listen to the Atheist Experience so I can wash my mind of the vile and harmful doctrines and get a dose of rationality =)
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  • T A A

    I love your talent at pushing people's buttons! It is quite amusing. It doesn't do much for popularity tho does it! LOL Sometimes people need a good slap on the face to see reality. Continue on!
  • Noah Cameron

    Hey, are you by any chance a accompanist for the Lutheran church "Lord of Life" or LOL? in friendswood? I go to that church sometimes??
  • Gabriela Menicucci

    Hey Dustin thanks, that's a feature of this site to put halos on pics lol how ironic :P

  • Gabriela Menicucci

    That's what I was thinking!!! This is an atheist site after all lol 

  • CJoe

    It's from 7-9, so you can show up a bit late. I bet we'll run over anyway, depending on how long the bookstore stays open! If worse comes to worse, we'll head to a bar to grab drinks after :)

  • CJoe

    Oops! Here's the link: http://www.thinkatheist.com/events/think-atheist-baltimore-meet-up-i

    From now on, you'll be able to see all of these meet-ups under the "Events" tab at the top :) Plus, they should be displayed towards the bottom on the right column on the home page.

    So uh... you each piano, huh? What's the going rate for that?