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Quixotic paradigm smasher and falsehood nemesis.
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To give the groveling masses steep in steeple chasing a royal kick in the pants.
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  • jared huffman

    i understand what you are saying. i think the physical sperm analogies might be lacking a bit but they obviously always are. I see the subordination in the biblical  texts that you talk about when christ is a man. However, his preexistence before he became a man and whether he was subordinate or not would be purely speculation and honestly not that important. There may be some subtle implications of all this theologically but I don't think it really should constitute to  much criticism of the trinitarion doctrine seeing that ultiimately I still have to believe jesus is fully god. Whether, he was in some sense subordinate as the godman seems to not matter that much. All that to say I get what your saying though.
  • jared huffman

    hey what is ur position as to the age of the earth and the first two chapters of genesis and adam and eve and all that
  • Ed

    so you don't really believe any of this invisible supernatural gobbledyegook either I assume...