Daniel C deSimone


West Chester, PA

United States

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I'm a 19 musician who was raised under the irrationally charged rainbow of religion, specifically Catholicism. I am the fourth of six children (greattt idea mom and dad) from the dysfunctional genes of my parents...aaaand i loveee living here TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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I've had a healthy dropping out from the catholic faith in the past couple years and have found that the application of occam's razor to the poison of religion shows that even if God created us, the logic that he gave to us can only rule out his existence. Now accepting this outright isn't not something I can do which is why I am agnostic. If there's something out there, that'd be awesome...but for now, it just makes more sense that He wouldn't be there. AND WHY WOULD A GOD BE SO VAIN AS TO COMMAND WE MUST BELIEVE IN HIM.
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