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To ask some questions and get answers so I can evolve a bit further and maybe help others to do so also.
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Why you left your religion.
Not only do I not believe in gods - I "know" they do not exist.
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?

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  • Timothy J Reinerman

    Thank you for admission.  I am not generally a "joiner" but, what the hell, best enjoy it while I can.

  • Jody

    Thank you for the welcome. I'm happy to be here. :)
  • archaeopteryx

    Since my account was the only one deleted, out of all TA's members, frankly, it sounds personal. Had they REALLY been smart, they'd have deleted several others, to throw off suspicion.

    Thanks, Reg - I've lost all of my PM's, going back nearly five years - photos, information and links offered by friends that I can never replace. Anything you can do would be appreciated. Muhammed has been most kind.