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To ask some questions and get answers so I can evolve a bit further and maybe help others to do so also.
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Not only do I not believe in gods - I "know" they do not exist.
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?

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  • Eva Guggenheim

    Thank you.

  • Virgil

    oh it's not caution hahhaha!  It's just that "gay" is a teeny weeny part of what makes me what and who I am. In fact I don't even think of myself as gay.  In case anyone asks, tell em I'm just a red neck jock who's been F*ckin a hot guy for nearly 8 years and marrying him next June. 

    That's as gay as I get.  Hahahahhahaha!

  • Marinda

    Thank you