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Long story - I was told that god created the universe so I started wondering who created god. So I thought that god's god must've created the gods. And those higher gods must have their own gods & so on. That didn't seem likely so I figured that there was no god. And that too before I turned 8
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  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Welcome to Think Atheist. We are happy to have you here.

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Thanks for joining us, Akshay. Hope you enjoy our community.

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  • Walter Maki

    Thanks for the invite....I would of swore you were already on my friends list....I need to do some more mental housekeeping so I can pay better attention to details lol.
  • Ashley Bryant

    Thanks!!! :D
  • Ryan Burns

    Permission for friendship...GRANTED.

  • Doubting Thomas

    thought you might like to know since it's you're last update; the dude who said the rapture is going down now claims it's been postphoned and will occur on Oct 21.
  • Gaytor

    Akshay, I'm trying to get your blog approved, but the picture that you have linked doesn't show for me. Do you have another link for the pic? I'm not sure that it will make sense without the pic.
  • oneinfinity

    Thanks for the add :)
  • juandedios saenz

    Thank you

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Love your answers - very smart
  • Mike Tayler

    Thanks Akshay, I got so annoyed at Angelo's comments - it took me some time to write. Thanks for theĀ invite - glad to be your friend.

  • Ayushi Singh

    hey akshay, glad i am here, figured since i am confused, i might as well talk about it! still figuring TA out though

  • Mike Tayler

    Thanks Akshay, I didn't realise it was available. I will give it a go another time - I am getting ready to go away for the weekend. Thanks Mike

  • Ayushi Singh

    got it thankz! seeya around

  • Ayushi Singh

    i hope we'll try not kill each other.. thanks for inviting me as a friend..:)