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Currently getting my masters in Architecture. I'm a Visual arts graduate. I am kind of a computer geek (hardware, mods, etc) and a PC gamer as well. Love to read, specially scientific topics. Trying to learn the electric guitar in spare time, not as easy as i thought.
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To meet other atheists and hopefully (maybe a bit pretentious) spread the message and help others take off the religious blindfold.
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I've had doubts from an early age, and questioned various church practices (simple stuff like the need for confession) and my family was catholic mainly because of tradition more than conviction. But you have to understand that coming from an indoctrinated and generally conformist country like Puerto Rico these subjects are still taboo... especially to question authority, be it political, religous or any other... So it's not until a few years back that I've openly shown my atheistic posture.
My father was a big factor...he didn't believe in a cosmic designer either so his insight was very helpful in my intellectual growth. He lent me a lot of good books. Later on, my education and my search led me to the loss of the "fear" that was instilled in me from childhood. And when you finally lose that fear there's no turning back.
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