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I read the Bible - all of it, not just the bits the Scripture Union had me read. The god described there was horrible and not at all like the one I thought existed. St. Paul, when read in large chunks, turned out to be someone I would not like to know. Even Jesus wasn't who I thought he was. Then I read church history. What a bunch of horrible people.

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  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Welcome to Think Atheist, Rosemary. I'm so happy you joined us!

    Thanks for adding me as a friend. Enjoy our community.

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  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    I'm so sorry you've been through such a terrible chain of events, Rosemary. I hope you're completely recovered from your surgery by now; and well, these are difficult times everywhere when it comes to finances. Hope everything works out in your favor and your family's, in court.

    I wanted to thank you for being so active on my humble blog, I really appreciate it. It is refreshing to read your comments and rebuttals. 

    Im sure you're going to enjoy the community very much. We're very active here.

    Anything I can help you with, please let me know.

    Welcome *back.* 

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    I am Happy to know you, as well, Rosemary. 

    Here, your first kinda gift on Think Atheist, for being so sweet.

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Happy Sunday, Rosemary! Guess what, I recently had a guest blogger, and he wrote about a topic that made me think about you, for some reason. I'm going to jus shamelessly drop you a link in case you want to read it.

    Hope you  have a wonderful day!



  • Larry Lawson

    Hey Rosemary! I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails. You must be very busy or roasting in that California sun!!

    I’m getting nicely cooked here in southern British Columbia. 


    You can always reach me at my Yahoo address or PM me through OS. I’ll get off a letter to you in the next couple of days.......promise.

  • Jay

    I just love your sensibility, Rosemary.  Our community is fortunate to have you with your religious background and rigorous journey out of the sickness!

  • Akshay Bist

    Thanks for the friend request :)
  • Brandon

    I just finished reading the current debate between you and a theist here on TA. I'm enthralled with you now. Please continue your efforts to keep the facts straight.