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I read the Bible - all of it, not just the bits the Scripture Union had me read. The god described there was horrible and not at all like the one I thought existed. St. Paul, when read in large chunks, turned out to be someone I would not like to know. Even Jesus wasn't who I thought he was. Then I read church history. What a bunch of horrible people.

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  • Brandon

    Sorry to hear about the re-activation =(. I hope the roller-coaster ends sooner rather than later. Your relentless wit shines through. 

  • Kir Komrik

    Hey Rosemary,


    Ha! That picture was actually taken when I was 19, but people do say I look very young. I'm 26 now. Thanks for the invite!


    - kk

  • Pope Beanie

    Your avatar look suspiciously like Mr Bean.  Have you seen Rowan Atkinson's skit on an Anglican Bishop reading the Sunday lesson?  Hilarious.  As usual.

    (Whoops, sorry I didn't see your post to me from 9 months ago!)

    No, I haven't seen it. I'll look for it now!