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I believe the religions all of them, to include new age spirutality all have aspects of reality in them BUT are 99% distorted. However, that's not to say people who do good things for others in belief of even the distortion are not doing their best to evolve. Atheism is included. It's a belief of what people don't believe to be real. I am not an "ist" or an "ism" - ite. However, my experience can talk to all and includes what is beyond human and beyond space alien.
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To listen to others and share my experiences, that to be honest are hard to take as they came from Ti and Do, the two people called the UFO TWO and the TWO Witnesses and the founders of the people known as the Heaven's Gate group of whom I was a part for 19 years. No group exists now and I don't want one. That's part of the problem, when we organize what was meant to be to remain unorganized.
Why you left your religion.
I have never been a religionist nor spiritualist (modern day new religonists) and never will be. Don't need others to believe in what I believe in, however that doesn't mean I think there is nothing to outside the box thinking. Atheism is very inside the box as are all religions because I have been outside the box in my mind and perhaps in other ways.
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  • Heather Spoonheim

    Again, long winded rhetoric, abstract allusions to various claims, and zero evidence.  I suppose it's the long winded diatribe (likely coupled with malnutrition and dehydration) that blows the circuits in devotees.  I suppose you'll just continue to avoid making explicit statements so you can always back out when you are proven wrong.

    You do not have any special knowledge of the future or insight into the human psyche.  You are incapable of supporting your supernatural claims and will never be as capable at leading a cult as Ti and Do because you lack the audacity to explicitly state your claims.  Good luck finding other people to join your winter solstice suicide pact.

  • Heather Spoonheim

    You just move from claim to claim without ever offering a shred of evidence. Now you make a new claim about Marshall and Bonnie being figures from an ancient prophecy and pull a bait and switch by asking me what I would consider 'proof' rather than evidence.

    Revelations makes no claim specific enough that it could be tied, exclusively, to any single time, place, event, or person.  In that sense, it's great prophecy -> completely unfalsifiable and very accessible to magical thinking.

    Marshall and Bonnie are dead and no longer exist.  If you have some evidence to the contrary, then present it.  If you feel you are communicating with them in some way, well then present evidence of that.  Perhaps Marshall and Bonnie can see into the cube shaped nightstand by my bedroom door?  Ask them what's inside.  Or perhaps you'll just say that it doesn't work that way.

    My point here is that you throw unqualified claims out like manure, then back out of them by pointing out your words were never so specific, then move on to other claims which you will not support either.  Why don't you just try stating explicitly what your supernatural claims are?

  • Heather Spoonheim

    Yes, well you've confirmed what I suspected from the beginning.  All of your 'evidence' is internal experience that cannot be verified by anyone else in anyway.  Plenty of people have such experiences, and there are no patterns within these experiences that suggest anything objective can ever be determined about them.

    Have you ever considered that your 'feelings' might be leading you astray?  Especially when many of the things they lead you to believe are not are unfalsifiable but also contradict the objective reality that you can confirm through the experience of others?