Jesse Smith

26, Male

Paradise, TX

United States

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I'm 19 and in college. I live in the bible belt and have to deal with close minded people who assume that because I'm an atheist I'm a bad person,have low moral standing, or that I am just an idiot for having these beliefs. Not that it bothers me cause from what I see of them I don't have to worry about being less intelligent than they are.
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I'm usually not. There are times when I get back on here to see what has changed and what new and awesome stuff people have posted.
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There are just so many contradictory and stupid things in the bible and I could no longer stand it. I steadily slid to the edge of the pew then just had enough and got up and left.
People believe all of these ridiculous things because they're afraid of the unknown, or can't accept the finality of death, or want to believe that life has reason so they feel important. The fact as far as I see it is that we are floating our here, all of us, and we better get used to it.
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I just found it while looking up symbols for an atheist tattoo.

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