Sarah Emmaly Burgett


London, OH

United States

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I am very interested in art, music and the opinions of others.. and telling my opinions aswell.
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I am here to make friends and actually talk to someone about stuff that matters and stuff that i am interested in.
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I grew up in a family of about 99% christians. my uncle is a minister at the family church and my grandmother is so ignorant that she believes that you can rape, murder, steal, lie and be a living monster monday through saturday and still be a good person if you attend church on sunday morning... now don't get me wrong, i love my family.. even my grandmother but i began to see at the age of 12 that the world was somewhat evil and very near completely ignorant. that was what i was raised/brainwashed to be... an ignorant follower. But as i got older i became less and less ashamed of my disbelief and stopped attending church... now i am an athiest... and that's my reasoning.. for the most part...
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