Gary Bergeron


Sulphur, Louisiana

United States

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  • ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp

    O.k I see now :-), sounds very similar to the books Tek from William Shatner I used to read in high school, lol ironic hehe "Agenda" ((giggles)) , yes You do sound a dedicated fan to the game, had a look at the site, would have to search for the game when I have more time on my hands, as i been working on this art piece for some time.

  • ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp

    Thank you, glad you liked the work, well I am still trying to be accepted at Lush Artists , since they decided to play strict with me, and been through IRL crap that has been an ass for over a month which has delayed me in this recent piece and my art in general. O.k sounds great :-), nope never thought of if the idea , sounds like a good idea :-), since i find money and economy mind boggling on this planet and hardly makes sense for me, not to sure how to value my work. But it does sound like a good idea, Thank you :-) , my recent oil painting is in Edinburgh which was displayed in the Erotic Arts festival , titled "Cosmic Orgasm"

  • ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp

    Aww thank you, glad you like it, nope I dont mind :-) i am very open about what people do with my art... i am not a snob lol