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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Nessrriinn! Join us in the chat on the bottom right of the screen and feel free to ask questions and get involved as much or as little as you want! Welcome again and make yourself at home!

  • StealthBadger

    YAAAY!  Hello, you!!! *HUGS*  <3

  • Pepe

    Nessrriinn!!!! Big hugs! Yeah I been a bit if a stranger... I haven't been on CEMB in a while.
  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Thanks for the add or should I say Shukran :-). You video is good. It is important to let other people see that ex-Muslims are just regular people like anyone else. Every little bit helps.

  • Hope

    Glad to be friends on "Think Atheist" I like your videos btw ;)

  • Ali

    Thanks for the add, you've got a very interesting profile!

  • Emily

    I missed you lots and was just wondering how you were. Glad to see you're still out there =D

  • Rma

    Thanks for the add, pretty interesting thoughts there. Kuduos. :-)

  • Pepe

    Nessy!!!! :)