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I Don't Believe In God And Religious Things, They Just Make People Insane Or Terrorist...I Am Proud To Be An Atheist And Non Religious.....I Like To Play Guitar And Make Sketches...I Want To Make My Carrier In Animation.
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To Meet Some Good Atheist People And Make Share My Opinion With Them.
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Because I Don't Believe In Any Religion And God If God Made Us Then Who Made God? I Am A Positive Thinker On Science Because Science Has Proof...Religions Just Makes People Insane Or Terrorist...I Am Proud To Be An Atheist
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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    People who wear glasses simply look more intelligent. It's all the reading and observation, an acceptable price to pay for knowledge. So, you will just have to live with looking smart :)

  • Katrin Schwarz

    Thanks for the friend request.

  • Morgan Matthew

    I am really glad you are enjoying TA! Thanks so much Pac!