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Boston, MA

United States

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I'm an optometry student living in Boston. I'm originally from Rhode Island, the most Catholic state in the nation. And naturally I grew up as a Catholic going to church every Sunday. But as I started to think about the theology more and as I learned about it more, I began to realize how much it doesn't make any sense. I also know that Catholic theology has been damaging to my psyche because I'm still always a wreck with guilt.
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I feel very alone in my position as an Atheist and I want more people to interact with who share my views. I still worry about the possibility of hell every once in a while despite knowing that it's not logically possible to exist. However sometimes that feeling is purely guilt driven having grown up Catholic. Reading postings on this site have always made me feel better to highlight the ridiculousness of my worries.
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I took a Catholic theology class in Catholic college from a Catholic priest and the more I learned, the less it made any sense and the more made up it sounds.
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