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Cedarhurst, NY

United States

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Enjoy the company of fellow free-thinkers, and looking for a community that considers themselves Secular Humanists. My interests include the arts, the environment, animal welfare, and giving to those less fortunate. Tree-hugger hippie by nature...
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I never believed in god, not ever, not even as a very young child. My family was culturally jewish but was not religious.
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  • zoolady

    You honor us all with your presence, Sydni! I remain your fan....pam
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    Hi Sydni

    Good to hear from you. I am doing fine. I have been working a lot but I am going to take sometime off to train for an up coming 10 day ride in Utah. It should be fun.

    Thanks for the article it was very interesting. It was good to read something with a positive side to it. A lot of the articles that I read here on TA about what humanity is doing to our planet is a bit over whelming at times. I do really love to get out into nature and explore, hike and sometimes just sit and listen to the wind. I think it helps keep me sane. It really bothers me to think that humanity is so messing everything up. I gather that you too feel a deep respect for the natural world and by helping to spread the knowledge around you can help educate others to the changes that need to be made.

    I really appreciate and look forward to seeing what you have discovered. I have learned a lot from your posts. Thanks again, Dennis
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    My wife is not as cycle crazy as I am. She did ride across the state of Missouri with two other women and my self in tow. She has also done a Metric Century. We also have a tandem recumbent that we enjoy riding together.

    Birding is a great way to get into hiking, another one of my favorite outdoor hobbies.

    I just saw an interesting video on YouTube called Earth 2100. I was wondering if you had watched it yet? It was produced by ABC news.
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    Sounds like fun. Sedona has just instituted a bicycle patrol. Mountain bicyclists work to assist other cyclists that may be broke down or need water or first add. The Sedona area has lots of great trails and is a favorite mountain bike vaction spot.
    When I retire I would like to work as a cycling tour guide. Great way to see the country and meet interesting people all while getting paid to do what I love.
  • Christopher McGuire

    I like you're new pic, it's pretty.
  • Christopher McGuire

    I'm attracted more (but not entirely) to what's inside than out, Syd... I don't mean to be outta line when I say this, but you are what I would consider a 'cougar.' ;)
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    I have a couple of old bikes hanging out in my shop. Great idea I can turn them into garden sculptures.
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    Glad you liked the picture of Narrows in Zion. I would like to go back some day and hike the whole 16 miles up the Narrows. It is exhausting because of all the time spent wading and the cold water but I suspect it is well worth the experience.
  • Susan LaCroix

    Hi, it's me . . . back from the brink of death. lol Seriously though, I've had pneumonia for the last 6 weeks and I'm just now up and around again. The cool rainy weather hasn't done much to cheer me up either, but today it's sunny & in the 80's. That finally got me up and out of the house today! I thought I'd better let you know that I haven't disappeared off the planet just yet.

    How are you and Allegra doing? I love her new tattoo and I think you should get one too. Kind of a Spring passage type celebration, you know? If I could afford to, I'd get another one too. Seven just isn't enough!
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    Hi hun,
    Thanks for pointing me towards the Weekday Vegetarian discussion.
    I joined the green atheist group, too! Not just so I could comment, either, but because I'm deeply interested in social issues of the envy-hued variety :)
    It's a funny feeling to live in a society where we know something is 'wrong' with our lifestyles, but very few ponder it long enough to figure out what, exactly it is that gives us all such a sense of unease.
    For the few individuals that do pull their heads out of the rat race long enough to see that we've declared war on our own planet and our own evolution (as well as the evolution of most every other species on earth) the crusade of "how do I fix this?" becomes so overwhelming and ambiguous that most just give up and repress the thoughts and emotions that led to the discovery in the first place.
    Rather like religion, no?
  • Gaytor

    Hi Sydni. I disapproved of the Sam Harris vid. Certainly anything by Harris is acceptable right!? The vid is already up. Nelson put it up but it's been a year. Hopefully we'll eventually have an expiration date of vids to allow them to be reintroduced, but that's just my wish at this point. I think that it would keep it fresh for newer people and as we grow.
  • Drew Shaw

    Comment time, be prepared for the most epic comment you could ever comprehend. Alright here it is.
  • Drew Shaw

    Sorry passed out at my computer earlier today, that comment itself was the epic comment haha.
    Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not have believe in the existence of any deity, and agnostic because they do not claim to know that a deity does not exist.
  • Drew Shaw

    Sure I have a lot of hope, and I figure your right -- there seems to be little difference between the two besides Agnostics being more respectable in society then Atheists haha.
  • Don

    Hey, Sydni--Looks promising. But there's no apostrophe in "utopias." ;)

  • Don

    Thanks, Sydni. I knew you'd want to fix that.

    My garden is in rather early--it's been a warm and sunny late May planting season. Just now I have planted butternut squash, cantaloupes, and zukes from seed. Everything else (lettuces, spinach, leeks, shallots, onions, plum and salad tomatoes, brocs, B. sprouts, red cabbages, dill, basil, Katahdin potatoes) except the carrots and green beans, is in. The asparagus is thriving--more than we can eat (so I'll make creme d'asperges)--and the rhubarb is at its peak. Yesterday, Dounia cooked down a big pot of rhubarb compote for the freezer. Last Weds. she returned from a semester of study in Dakar, Senegal, a transformative experience. You may be interested to check out her blog, which is actually surprisingly moving and full of excellent photos. The latest update (yesterday) even features a photo of yrs truly. She will be in Queens for six weeks this summer, at St. Johns, where she will be working for Teach for America.

  • Dennis Paul Renner

    Very interesting. I have a friend that has a 17lbs bamboo bike. Says the ride is very nice and forgiving. Natures composite.
  • Lena Scylla

    Thank YOU! Very excited about joining. Love it so far!
  • Roy The Infidel

    hey Dallas. :) hi, Syd!
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    I just wanted to send you a little hello.
    I was contemplating cooking ideas today, and thought of you.

    My gardening is going well. I battled an army of freakishly large spiders to turn the compost pile. :) Well worth it. The bottom layer was ready for use in my pumpkin transplant.

    Hope you're well.
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    If you are going to ride a bike naked, then a recumbent is really the way to go. Thanks
  • Rod

    Thanks for the kind welcome Sydni – being a smart-arse I'm sure I will continue to share my thoughts, and I enjoy reading the range of topics raised (btw, you're doing a stellar job in that regard). I especially appreciate the fact that TA has the only group for vegan atheists that I've come across. Hey, I loved the pic – is that a Cardinal chick? Such beautiful and funny-looking birds (with the hairdo) – shame we don't have them here!
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    In response to your comment. "Dennis, the cruelty we inflict on our fellow earthlings so totally disgusts and humiliates me that it's beyond my ability to know how to reconcile my feelings of hatred for my own species, with my feelings of affection and compassion for them as well? "
    I totally agree and feel the same way. I am so frustrated with humanitiy as a whole and yet I meet really great people all the time who really seem to understand our plight. It just seems that the negative out weighs the positive things that are happening. I have to admit I am losing any hope that I once had that humanity will wake up and change its ways. At this point my only comfort is knowing that people like you share my concerns and frustations.
  • Richard Healy

    Hadn't logged into to T|A for a while - just got the Valentine.

    THANK YOU. (K)
  • Rod

    What a sensational and funny photo - where do you find them? And is that some weird kind of mouse? Anyway, you're too kind Sydni! I don't contribute as much as I'd like to, because of time constraints, but you do an awesome job all over the TA site (I had to look after my nephews regularly a couple of years ago, and I came to find teen-speak words like "awesome" funny) – and I love the new Coffee Break group, with all the threads I'd like to get to. I hope you don't feel under too much pressure to keep us all entertained with all that you do, and you get a chance to kick back and take it easy too. Catch you later!
  • Rod

    Hey Sydni, just wanted to say thanks for your generous feedback to some of my posts – it's good to know someone gets something out of what I rave on about! And it's been an honor to meet another animal-lovin' leftist vegetarian atheist - and a free-thinker to boot! Hope your house-shift is relatively painless - good luck with it all!
  • NoSacredCow

    Hey Sydni. Yeah I still owe you a response email. I opened and read the email then saw something shiny and forgot about it. I'm heading over to a CFI meeting tonight. (First Supper for Sept) but I'll get back to you this weekend.
  • Gaytor

    Sorry it took five hours to get you video approved. We must all be sleeping or taking advantage of the long weekend at the same time.
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    You always leave me the best pictures. Seriously. Where do you find this stuff?
    So how have you been?
    My new job is sucking the time out of my existence, so until we get moved, I'm probably going to be a bit scarce.
    I do plan on starting a discussion in one of your groups here soon, though.

  • Michael Sizer-Watt

    Yay! Compassion for ALL concious beings! 8^)
  • Jon Heim

    I'm a little curious about what you were referring to when you said that you liked what I said about myself. Was it in a forum? Random comment?....or does anyone actually read my blogs? lol
  • Roy The Infidel

  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    Hehehe..heheheh... 'moosewood'
    I'm still giggling like a thirteen year old boy!
    I know. I'm so immature.

    Thanks for that! I'm really excited. I made some yellow squash and zucchini skewers for some company last night.
    They were Syd approved vegan, too! I thought of you! Everyone loved them and I knew you'd be so proud.
    All I did was buy a couple down at the local farmer's market. Local and organic! Then some local and organic EVOO.. some sea salt and some coarse ground black pepper.
    I grilled them until they were still firm but juuuuuust a bit singed, and EVERYONE loved them. They were gone in minutes.
    I did the same with some more delicately grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, too.
    People were raving about them, and I was like.... "Syd would be so proud of me!"

    Seriously, though. I had a pretty fantasic BBQ. Like a REAL bbq.
    And no one noticed that there was hardly any meat at all.
    Less than ten ounces of meat....and it fed FOUR people!
    No one went away hungry, either.
    No one complained, no one even seemed to NOTICE.
    I think there might be something to this.......:)
  • Gaytor

    Hey, since you are into photography, I thought that you might appreciate this. We have a DSLR that's great and less than two years old, but my wife has a new compact that has some very cool features like the tilt shift. I see that I need to play with it more. The $1000 camera may take a back seat to the $250 one.
  • Gaytor

    This is the one that she got. 14 mp 14x zoom, 30 fps vid, tons of fun gimmicks like color isolation, wall eye, miniaturization, etc. My five year old work compact seems like it only has an on and off switch now.
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    HOW on earth did that happen?
  • Michael Sizer-Watt

    Hey Sydni, thanks for jumping in to support my post. I think I'm bowing out now before I get heated. I simply don't understand how some people can have such different ways of seeing what is (IMO) as blatently obvious as can be. I dunno, I'd don't get it.
  • Buck O'Roon

    Thank you for the Add, Sydni. I am glad you enjoy my writing and look forward to reading yours. My main blog, "Losing It In Public", is available via WordPress – – though I usually repost to ThinkAtheist if I feel the subject matter is appropriate.

  • Buck O'Roon

    Thank you, Sydni. I write for several hours nearly everyday, though I have been busy as of late with other non-blog projects. I am doing my best to put aside quite a bit of time this month to post on the subject of death. Stay tuned.
  • Michael de Vere

    Like I need another home! Actually, I do need to get away from the timesuck of facebook, but I'm not so sure another social networking site is actually a cure. :-) Thanks again for the invite!
  • Michael de Vere

    Ha! 30 minutes here and I'm already creating a group. I guess I'll have to stay around now. :-)
  • Buck O'Roon

    Rest assured, Sydni, I am still here and plan to stay. I have simply been busy with another writing project, which is rather taxing on my schedule. That said, I do have a couple of short stories I will be posting soon, both of which deal with death, which seems appropriate to the season. As for the ghost story you suggested, I have something in mind, but have not yet written it. However, I feel confident I can finish it before Halloween rolls around.

  • Buck O'Roon


    I hope you enjoyed the new story. I have run up against a rather busy month, but still hope to post two more tales of my native Paskaloochee before Halloween arrives.

  • Gaytor

    I'll watch it tonight. I'm spending too much time not being productive for work. Thanks for the link!
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    Heya Syd-
    I hope you had a great autumn holiday season!
    I just wanted to leave you a little note to say hi!
    Hope you're well.

    I've "discovered" a pretty fantastic pumpkin curry recipe that would be really good with eggplant or tofu or something in there for you (chicken for me!) I'll send it along if you like. It's actually a really amazing dish. Perfect consistency...not a strong hint of pumpkin because the cumin and coriander powder sort of overwhelm it, so it's surprisingly close to masala tasting.
    What do you have in the works? Anything good?
  • Misty: Baytheist Living!

    YOU'RE IT.
    Go here when you have a moment. This is silly and just for fun. Don't forget to tag three other people and post this message on their profile pages, too.
  • justin gold

    Hi sydni,I just have to ask,do you like the peach or not?as that girl in the video, zom something or other I cant remember her YouTube name at the moment is pro xxxthepeachxxx and is a fan,but with that slut title I was wondering where you stood on it.= )
  • Meghan V!

    Thank you for the welcome. I am indeed a member of the Ithaca meetup group. In fact, I believe we first corresponded when I sent a welcome to you ;D

    I have not been very active due to a busy semester, but I will attend many more meetups during the winter and spring. Is Allegra your daughter?
  • Christopher McGuire

    Get well soon, Sydni! :)

  • justin gold

    Welcome back = )