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Mobile, AL

United States

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  • Gaytor

    I should be getting some dates for some projects soon. I really hope to be able to attend at least a day of your event.
  • Robert Tobin

    I just got this notice re Professor Brian Axsmith via e-mail,
    I too am a Bedraggled Refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church, now a proud Atheist I suffered 12 years of my youth ubder the Sordid Jesuit Priests and Xavier Colege, Melbourne, Australia.

    "Anti-Intellectualism in America". Is there any Intelligence in the United Christian States of America? To quote Hitchens :"Religion Poisons Everything" to which I add. "Religion is a serious Mental Health Hazard".
  • Trish E. Harmon

    Thank you, Chuck! I happen to work in Independence which is about 35 miles from Odessa. I'll save the link you sent and hopefully one of these days in the near future I can go to the group. In the meantime, I'm enjoying TA and look forward to getting to know you better! =0)