Jake W. Andrews


Holland, MI

United States

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I graduated from Michigan Tech University with a BS in Applied and computational mathematics, and I am currently employed as a system software test engineer in Holland,MI. For the rare physical activity I enjoy biking and swimming and would love to do a sprint triathlon if it was not for my eternal hatred of running. When I can't, or choose not to, partake in those activities I will watch the occasional Cubs game and love my Red Wings (Only when they make playoffs) as well as my Michigan Tech Women's Volleyball! I try to read books on philosophy and more recently I have read books on the hubris of irrational thinking/decision making. I play my alto saxophone every now and then and pretend I am playing in New York's famous "Birdland" jazz club, if only I played more maybe one day I won't have to dream. Being that I can not fully answer this existential question, "Who am I?" I openly invite others to inquire more about me. Thank you.

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Connect with other atheists. Share ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on philosophy and meet new people, Maybe join/start a flash mob for atheists?
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Realized I had no reason to believe in any other deities, so why would I worship the christian one?
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  • Alexander Baez Ubeira

    On the chilean front things could certainly improve. Our new (billionaire) president is overtly christian which, given that the ones before him were atheists, has brought a wave of religious, well... hand waving. Every good thing that occurs is thanks to god, in every bad thing we should consult with/beg to the aforementioned. The catholic church remains an important influence in our everyday affairs, of so they would wish, resulting in an incessant emission of opinions, consultation for the news, and general unasked for intromission [is this word used in english, it might be an hispanicism of mine] on peoples affairs.

    PS:I'm really sorry for your dog's demise, mine died last month and, even thou he was not as close to me, it affected me. My condolences.

    Greeting from the long country
  • Scarlette Blues

    Thanks :)
  • Anonymous304

    hey well good to meet you. i can point you in the right direction as far as websites and such. as far as the issue up there in your area send me a mail about it and ill look into it and see if we have an knowledge of it.