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I am alyaa ,Muslim Girl from egypt , Study Biochemistry.

I work as medical analysis specialist
Why are you here?
- Like to know more about this group ..

- Make new friends to exchange views and beliefs

Why you left your religion.
I am a Muslim, was born Muslim and will die muslim ,
worship God alone and not associate anything with Him.
I am proud as i am muslim , and I am part of the nation's number Billion and half..
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?

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  • Hope

    Sorry about what's happening in Egypt......

    Just to let you know that my heart with you Egyptians..

    Big kiss form Saudi Arabia.

  • Mista B

    Hello Alyaa, nice to meet you :)


    Sorry for talking in English, I don't have an arabic keyboard on the laptop i'm currently using. 


    As for the photo, I have no idea! Probably it's because of the aspect ratio?


    Would like to see a photo of you ;) Do you come to Cairo sometimes?

  • shadi abouseif

    hii, yes i am egyptian nice to meet u here too