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Baton Rouge, LA

United States

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OK, this is just some generic info grabbed from one of my other profiles. But basically it just a bunch of labels that people like to apply to the boxes we fit.
Composer, Musician, Atheist, Secular Humanist, Philosopher (ha ha! Yeah, right!), Socialist. Divorced.
Writing, recording and performing music. Reading books, mainly Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. Not really all that much into Non-fiction, unless it's about music production or performing. That said, I am looking at some NF in an effort to inform (but not to color or define) my views.
I've know for several years that I was atheistic (not as a belief system, but as a lack of belief in any theistic deity and p.o.v.), but it wasn't until I met my ex-wife that I honestly defined or labeled myself as an atheist. I also find that I am becoming increasingly anti-theistic. Religions have sent millennia, proving that they are destructive to society, to our world, and to humanity.
That should be enough for anyone to know.
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I want to connect with people who think in similar terms as I do. To talk to people who don't need to attribute those ideas that we don't necessarily comprehend to a deity.
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Catholic, Was never a part of one
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"God" is a creation of man, borne out of man's lack of understanding of natural forces. I need empirical evidence to believe in something. Religion does not offer proof of anything; all the religious can offer is: "You can't prove that 'God' doesn't exist" and "It's about faith." I have faith in mankind's ability to overcome adversity and transcend many of our shortcomings.
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    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Ralph! Join us tonight at 8pm as our very own, Think Atheist Radio Show, welcomes philosopher Christopher DeCarlo! Information is to the left, or join us at the show here!

  • Hope

    Thanks Ralph, nice to meet you :)

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    Thank you for your advice and for the add :)