Jon Heim


Northumberland, PA

United States

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I am an Atheist. The "Other" is because I celebrate Pagan traditions.

Lets see..random stuff:
* 22 years old.
* I'm an Atheist...Not an Anti-Theist.
* My fiance is Pagan.
* I'm A Beatnik Hippie.
* I am an Independent registered voter.
* I am pro-feminist/choice/gay marriage and
defend the bill of rights.
* I Graduated From SHS.
* I Live In Northumberland Pa.
* I Play Guitar/Bass/Banjo/whatever I can figure out.
* I'm a "Dreamy Idealist" apparently.
* I Skateboard.
* I BMX.
* I Ride Four Wheeler.
* I Play Paintball.
* Music Is My Life.
* I'm In A Few Music Projects(Bands).
* I Love To Write.
* I Love Photography.
* I Love Graphic Arts.
* I Love Camping.
* Anything Outdoors.
* I Love Being With Friends.
* I'm Really Open Minded.
* I'm an Atheist. One with morals/respect.
* I respect everything equally as long as they respect me.
* I'm Really Geeky.
* I worry more then I probably should.
* I Love Doing Anything With Computers.
* If You Want To Know More About Me, Talk To Me.
Why are you here?
To meet and connect with other Atheists. Also, too try to do something about stereotypes and misinterpretations.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
I just do not believe in a higher being, nor would I worship one if there where one.
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  • Victoria

    One can never have enough Waking the Cadaver- it went perfectly w my chai latte as I make plans for the evening- thanks for posting! :)
  • Amanda Artman

    Haha, I know, it's hard to believe. PA can be a pretty lonely place for a nonbeliever. Good to see I'm not literally the only one :)
  • Saint godless

    Great. Very happy I found this site.