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Have been a believing Christian for six years. I mean, I BELIEVED, loved the Bible, listened to Christian music. Then I started to meet OTHER Christians, expecting acceptance, fellowship, etc. Those church people are AWFUL! They are shysters...just want your money. Then I discovered the LIES. False healings, phoney miracles, LYING preachers. It blew my mind. Then I asked myself this question: :If God loves me, is my provider, my healer, my savior, why do I feel BAD? Like all the time. So I'm back to exploring spirituality.
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Recovering from a HORRIBLE Christian experience. Looking for other answers.
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Kept finding that what preachers taught did not match the Bible. Then discovered that the BIBLE didn't match the Bible. Then realized for all my faith and and love for Jesus made me feel BAD and my life experiences were not reflecting my belifs.
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